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Lodge on Loch Lomond Engagement Shoot | Adrienne + John

Freshly back from my Easter holidays I took a wee drive out to Loch Lomond to meet Adrienne and John for their engagement shoot. We met at Lodge on Loch Lomond where they are getting married later on this year, the sun was out and dare I say it? it actually felt warm.

I always say that engagement sessions are a great way to get used to having your picture taken. Not only that, bot to learn how fun and easy it really can be. I don’t like to take couples away from their wedding party for hours on end during their big day and by doing a couples shoot before hand it gives you the chance to get to know your photographer and what to expect for those all important wedding day pictures all without taking you away for huge amounts of time.

Well Adreinne and John totally smashed it and were total naturals in front of the camera, I can't wait for their big day and not just because it will the last wedding of my busiest year to date!

Find out more details about my engagement sessions and more top wedding day tips here in my free Wedding Guide.

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Photography: Daniel Mainland


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