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Newborn photo shoot with special surprise...

I have known Hilary and Steve for a few years now, having had the pleasure of photographing both of their daughters soon after they were born, as well as other family shoots throughout the years. This time I was there to photograph their latest little arrival baby Alasdair.

Steve was having a last minute hoover as I was setting up my cameras, I took the below photo just as a test shot, ensuring my settings were all correct but I rather liked this photo so it ended up in the final gallery.

Dad hovering as mum sits on the couch with their children

All our shoots together have followed a very similar, relaxed format. Starting with a mix of candid and formal styled photographs, I like to get photos of families just hanging out together and interacting with each other, sometimes reading or playing with toys but this time the girls were super excited to show off their little brother, so we started of with just the three of them.

Sisters on the couch with their baby brother as dad looks on.
Young girl with her baby brother sitting on the sofa
Sisters on the couch with their baby brother
Toddler sisters with their baby brother on the couch
Toddler sisters with their baby brother on the couch
Toddler sisters with their baby brother on the couch

Then we added in Mum, Dad and Dexter (the Shih Tzu) to complete the family photograph.

Grandma, Aunt Victoria and Uncle Tom popped round to join the fun and join in for a few family photos as they have done previously for both Alexandra and Felicity's Newborn photo shoots.

Aunt Victoria and Uncle Tom had a special surprise for everyone, they had brought along a confetti cannon to do a gender reveal for their soon to be born baby.

After all the celebrations and excitement of another baby boy in the family, we headed up to the nursery to continue with our session. The nursery is still Felicity's bedroom and we had taken photographs in there for her and her big sister before so it was only right that Alasdair also had his photographs taken in here as well.

Then the last location for photographs was on Mum and Dad's bed. Be warned I like to shoot all over the house, wherever the light is good. Not only does it add a bit of variety to the images but the change in location is great at keeping the kids engaged.

Another enjoyable morning spent with the Scott family.

All images are taken by Daniel from Daniel Mainland Photography. Daniel specialises in relaxed, candid and creative wedding and family photography

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