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The Shaggy Hair That Opened A New Door.

As mainly a wedding photographer, my busiest 6 months of the year were just about to start when at the end of March the country was put into lockdown due to Covid-19. The first few months were spent helping couples rearrange their wedding dates, homeschooling my kids and keeping my (now) home working wife in coffee and snacks. Then out of the blue one of my best clients contacted me asking if I was going to be doing 'Doorstep Shoots' as both her husband and their dog were due to be getting their 'lockdown locks' cut and she wanted to capture their hairy splendour, as a wee reminder of these crazy times.

Unfortunately the day of their shoot it was raining pretty hard so they couldn't venture far outside their doorway but we still managed to get some lovely shots. Dexter the Shih Tzu's hair was particularly impressive, in all my time photographing Hilary & Steven's family I had never seen Dexter so shaggy before, I'm not even sure if he could even see me!

Thank you Hilary & Steven for starting off all my doorstep shoots.


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