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First Holy Communion - Lockdown Edition

The First Holy Communion is a very important sacrament every Catholic child must go through. After their Baptism into the Catholic faith, Holy Communion is the next sacrament of initiation. ... The First Communion is considered as one of the most important and holiest sacraments for a Catholic child.

1st Communion Photography Glasgow

And with such an important milestone, there normally follows a large party with family and friends. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the ever changing lockdown rules, the parties are having to be scaled right back but it doesn't have to stop the celebrations or the photos.

Gardens make the perfect backdrop for a family photograph and when everyone is all dressed up and it is the perfect time to update those family photos.

Not forgetting a photo with Gran, Grandpa and your Aunties and Uncles.

Always time for a quick play with your cousins or a quick 'twirlie' from dad.

First Communion Photography Giffnock Glasgow

Daniel is a professional photographer specialising in wedding, family and event photography.

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