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Orkney Wedding Photography Berstane Barn: Isla and Greg's Wedding

Married couple standing in an Orkney field

I haven't blogged in a while so what better way to start back again than with the photographs from Isla and Greg's Berstane Barn wedding in Orkney. I do love to photograph an Orkney wedding as it gives me a great opportunity to come back to the motherland. The whole day was filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments and we had the pleasure of capturing them all. Orkney wedding photography Berstane Barn

The day started with Isla and Greg getting ready at their respective parents' homes. It was so lovely to see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes as they prepared to say their vows. The atmosphere was buzzing with happy energy, and as photographers, we couldn't have asked for a better start to the day.

Once they were all dolled up, they made their way to Berstane Barns for the ceremony. Let me just say, this rustic barn was the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt vows. It added such a timeless and romantic atmosphere to the whole affair. I couldn't help but get a little emotional myself while documenting their special moments.

After the ceremony, their guests enjoyed drinks and nibbles in the sunshine while we nipped for some couple and family portraits. We then all moved on to the Harray Hall for the reception. And let me tell you, it was like stepping into a fairytale. The hall had been beautifully transformed, and every little detail was carefully thought out. It was clear that Isla and Greg had put their hearts and souls into making this day as perfect as possible.