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Aimee & Blair's Vu Wedding

The Vu Wedding Photography.

Couple having First Dance at The Vu

It is hard to believe that Aimee and Blair's wedding at the Vu was a whole year ago. They just managed to get it in before we all thrown into our first lockdown. If I had only known how much of a right off the rest of the year was going to be, I would of taken Aimee and Blair's offer of staying once I was finished and enjoying the party right until the end!

I first met Aimee and Blair a few years ago when I photographed their then beautiful newborn twin girls Erin and Lucy. We quickly bonded over our mutual love for Game of Thrones and I even managed to incorporate a wee bit of Game of Thrones into some of their baby photos. So it was no surprise when they told me there was a slight Game of Thrones theme for their wedding.

A wee surprise had been organised for the bride and groom. Their wedding rings were come via 'special delivery'. Lady Ghost from Hoots Owls & wedding wings swooped down the aisle and landed perfectly on Blair's gloved hand mutch to the surprise of Aimee and the wedding guests.

The wedding ceremony was conducted by the brilliant George McLean of Fuze Ceremonies delivering a beautiful and personalised service. Even though it was a bit of grey outside, the light in The Lilly Pad at The Vu was bright and soft, perfect for photographs.

The Vu Bathgate Bridal Party

Even though it was very blustery outside we nipped outside for some couple portraits. A brisk walk to the pontoon and we managed to get some photos in between the gust causing hair and kilts to fly.

With all the official duties and was time to party and boy did they party, it was like everyone knew this was going to be their last night out for a while.

First Dance Wedding The Vu